About Us

Pickles and Lillies is a family business based deep in the Suffolk countryside.  We have designed and manufactured an exclusive range of children’s sleepwear that is all 100% cotton and all made right here in England.
A few years ago we were looking for pyjamas and nightdresses for our girls that were not covered in cartoon characters and that were 100% cotton but there was not a lot on offer and certainly very little that was made in England at a reasonable price.  We therefore set out to create what we hope will be a range of products that will appeal to a wide audience of parents, grandparents and children alike.
We love British brands and the majority of our products are British designed and British made.  Although we are still very much in our infancy, and our product offering is small currently, there will be lots more to come in the near future, so please be sure to visit us often to see our ever expanding range.
To all of you, from all of us at the Pickles & Lillies Store 
Thank You and Happy Shopping!